Green Bean Casserole Recipe French’s

The Green Bean Casserole recipe French’s Fried Onions is a famous American dish. Its original version was created by the Campbell Soup Company in the 1950s. It includes green beans, mushroom soup, and crispy fried onions.

Certainly! Here’s a classic Green Bean Casserole recipe that features French’s Fried Onions:


2 cans (14.5 ounces each) cut green beans, drained.
1 can (10.5 ounces) condensed cream of mushroom soup.
3/4 cup milk.
1/4 teaspoon black pepper.
1 1/3 cups French’s Fried Onions, divided.


Step 1.Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C).

Step 2.First, place your favorite green beans in a 11/2 quart baking dish, top with mushroom cream, milk, black pepper and 2/3 cup French fried onions. Mix them together until they meet each other in a better way.

Step 3.Place the mixture in the preheated oven and bake for a minimum of 25 minutes or until hot and bubbly.

Step 4. Remove the casserole from the oven and top with or sprinkle with the remaining 2/3 cup French fried onions.

Step 5.Return the casserole to the oven and then bake separately for about 5 minutes or until the onions on top are crisp or golden brown.

Step 6.When it is cooked properly, remove it from the oven and leave it to cool for a while before serving. This will make it taste better.

Once done, enjoy your delicious Green Bean Casserole with the crispy taste of French Fries Onions.

Tips And Tricks

For a kick of spice, double the amount of black pepper in this green bean casserole recipe and add 1/4 teaspoon or prepare as directed.

If I have made use of the leftovers of the day, I have to cook them well first. Until fresh fruits become soft, blanch them or steam them.

To serve green bean casserole recipe french’s to more people, double the recipe or prepare in a 13×9 inch baking dish. Use a 6-ounce container of pureed fresh onions, reserving 11/3 cups of shallots for topping. To cook the food, cook the puri on high heat for 40 minutes.

Why do we eat Green Bean Casserole Recipe French’s ?

Green Bean Casserole Recipe French’s pulao was considered an ideal dish to eat during summer holidays. Because it was easily made or cheap. And could have been easily made ahead of time. It came to be known as Jiffy Casserole because it made one pan from one bowl.

What goes well with green bean casserole?

Green beans mixed with creamy sauce and crunchy fried onions make a delicious casserole. It’s great with pork chops, grilled chicken, or any kind of chicken tenders. You can also enjoy it with fish like salmon, shrimp, or other tasty seafood.

What should the consistency of green bean casserole be?

To achieve a delicious Green Bean Casserole using French’s crispy fried onions, it’s crucial to create a thick sauce that adheres to the green beans, ensuring it doesn’t resemble soup. If your casserole ends up watery, it could be due to insufficient thickening agents, such as flour or cornstarch, added to the sauce in this recipe.

The Green Bean Casserole Recipe French’s was a result of a collaboration between the Campbell’s test kitchen and the marketing department. It was an attempt to create a simple yet delicious recipe using ingredients that were readily available in most pantries. The combination of canned green beans, condensed cream of mushroom soup, milk, soy sauce, and the crowning glory—French’s crispy fried onions—resulted in a dish that became an instant hit.

Green Bean Casserole Recipe French’s crispy fried onions provided the perfect crunchy topping that elevated the casserole to a whole new level. The simplicity of the recipe and the delicious taste quickly made it a staple during Thanksgiving and other holiday feasts across the United States.

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